The Different Types of Business Meetings

What is the distinction between a conference as compared to a workshop? A trade expo and also an exhibition? Are they different because one is held at the Melbourne stadium and one inside one’s own office? Considering all the various meeting conditions can become quite confusing! Should you just happen to plan meetings it is worth it to get your terminology right, that is why we have put together this handy list of all of the kinds of events and meetings. If you find a word or a piece of information we missed kindly contact us and we’ll include it!

Annual General Meetings: 

Yearly General Meeting (AGM), or even a shareholders meeting, is a sizable gathering held by publicly traded firms. These meetings have been held as a way to allow investors to ask the board of supervisors queries regarding an organization’s health, and to select new members to the board.

Board Meetings: 

While the expression “Board Meeting” technically means a gathering of a business or company’s board of supervisors, to us it is, in fact, a gathering of decision makers. At this gathering, significant details are presented and conclusions are made concerning the most appropriate course of action to consider in the forthcoming months.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Breakout Session: 

In a conference or seminar, breakout sessions are meetings (seminars, workshops, or presentations) meant for smaller classes. These meetings could be kept in smaller meeting rooms inside a conference center or resort in addition to off-site assembly and boardrooms. Some of the best corporate event venues in Melbourne offers rooms from big to small that can be fully booked as per your needs.

Business Dinners and Banquets: 

These are usually formal parties organized by a business or company to celebrate accomplishments within the business and to improve employee and member morale. Based upon how big this organization, these dishes could be a little gathering at a nearby restaurant or run at a large hotel banquet hall or one of a kind event space such as an art museum or gallery. Or the place could be all of them. One of the best hotels in Hobart has a restaurant, a conference venue, and an art gallery, all of which is offered for bookings.


A colloquium could be described as an “academic media occasion” Participants are usually experts in a specific field and they fulfill to present and exchange new ideas. Some academic programs require participation in a colloquium to be able to finish the program.


Conclaves are meetings conducted in secret. Generally, conclaves are utilized to characterize”closed door” meetings involving those that possess a specific degree of influence or power. Among the most well-known conclaves is that the Papal conclave, in which cardinals meet to elect a new pope.


While many Americans generally connect the term “Congress” together with all the legislative branch of government, a Congress can add a huge group of people who meet on a regularly scheduled basis, frequently to make decisions via a discussion and voting procedure.

Consumer Reveals: 

A user or gate series is a trade series that is available to the public. These shows typically have an entry fee. Individuals interested in learning about the most recent goods (electronics, cars, etc) frequently visit customer displays.


A conference is a massive gathering of people who have a shared interest (generally professional or fandom associated ). These events are usually recurring and are often scheduled at a particular period every year. Conventions generally have keynote speakers, in addition to demonstrations which familiarize attendees with progress or tendencies within a specific area of interest.

Expo or Expositions: 

An expo is a large scale exhibition or trade show frequently conducted on a global level. Among the most frequent cases of an expo is The World’s Fair.


A fair is a trade series or even expo coordinated with the intention of displaying arts and crafts, industrial goods and agricultural goods, but more neighborhood and on a smaller scale. Unlike many trade shows, amusement and acceptable food (believe fried twinkies and skillet studded corn dogs!) Are frequently a significant draw.


A social gathering or celebration, which is occasionally of a ceremonial quality. A function is generally one or among many parties that lead to a greater event. See also: Galas, Business Dinners,


A design can be a celebration, dinner, dance arranged for the express purpose of raising money for a cause or business.


A gala is a massive scale dinner celebration or celebration which frequently includes awards or entertainment ceremonies after dinner. See also: Function, Business Dinner

“Green” Meetings: 

“Green” conferences are events that are created with sustainability in mind. When intending the occasion considerations are made regarding the use of water, power, fuel in addition to the usage of renewable products rather than disposable products.

International Occasions: 

According to the assembly industry standard definition, a global event is any event where 15 percent or more of the participants come out of the event’s host nation.


A meetup is a casual meeting or get-together coordinated for those who have similar interests. These interests could be anything: relationship, media, board games, love books, biking, trekking, wine tasting—just to mention a couple. Many meetups are connected with, a site which offers listing services for meetups.

Networking Events: 

Organizing or sponsoring a media event may be a fantastic way to elevate an organization or person’s profile in a specific community. Networking events can operate out of casual schmooze and booze affairs at a neighborhood pub to fully fledged galas complete with an open bar. It can also be conducted by any type of company, even the more uncommon line of work that you can think of like data protection services.

Political Occasions: 

Political events are organized to raise funds or awareness for a specific candidate or cause. Republican and Democratic national conventions, the biggest political events from the U.S. are coordinated to energize the base and attract about delegates from each of the 50 countries.

Press Conferences: 

Press conferences tend to be arranged by newspapers (most frequently in politics but also in business and in athletics ) to create a statement or to field queries by media that happen to be invited into the seminar.

Product Launch Events: 

Product Launches tend to be large scale events whose organizers encourage journalists, bloggers, and social networking influencers to see the very first unveiling of an organization’s product. An effective product launch will frequently incorporate a place that’s unique to this item being used.


From the meetings business, receptions consult with some social role where light refreshments are served, generally buffet style. Receptions tend to be casual, and attendees will typically stand up and interact instead of sit at a desk. For weddings and other social occasions, receptions are casual parties or parties that follow a more formal service. For the best wedding venues in Hobart, check out the Henry Jones Hotel website to take a look at what they offer for their reception packages.

Retreats and Team Building Events: 

Retreats can be anything from go-cart races into ski excursions to race courses. Basically, the goal of the escape is to become team members to understand each other better and are more effective as a staff.


In any company, seminars are meetings arranged to notify a group of people about a particular subject or to teach a particular skill. Professional speakers and educators are often invited to talk on subjects like personal finance, investing, real estate, internet advertising, and lots of more. Watch Workshop.

Social Occasions: 

A massive gathering organized to observe important life events and spiritual ceremonies. Frequent social occasions include: birthdays, birthdays, weddings, and bar/bat mitzvahs.


Symposiums are meetings arranged so that specialists in a specific field may meet, present papers, and talk about issues and tendencies or create recommendations for some course of action.

Trade Shows: 

Trade Shows are a chance for organizations to exhibit a few of their newest products, in addition to yet to be published prototypes to journalists in addition to other people in the business. See also: Exhibition, Consumer and Gate Shows, Expo. These are more catered towards niche businesses looking to get more awareness to the kind of work that they do. The types of businesses range from digital items such as cloud computing to agricultural such as apple farming.


The words “workshop” and”seminar” are used interchangeably. While the two are instruction concentrated events, workshops normally possess more hands-on and class actions. Workshops are better for teaching abilities that need interactivity and individual involvement to learn.