About Ruth

Ruth GinnyYou might be wondering who I am. I took over my fathers accounting firm when he retired back in 1986. I was not an accountant but I quickly learned how to run a business with a staff of 15 accountants. they dd the accounting and I ran the business. That was a long time ago and since then, I sold the business and started a business consulting firm and have been doing that ever since.

Someone once said to me that I should share my knowledge with people who cannot really afford my services so here I am. I decided to write about simple but effective business practices that will get your business on the track to success. I compare good business practices to a reliable telephone company. When the phones work the way they should, they are an excellent tool for business, but when they don’t, then all business basically stops as there are other equipment that use phone lines: internet, fax and so on. When you put reliable business practices into play, you can have a highly lucrative business on your hands.

So, please enjoy and make use of the posts I publish here and from time to time, I will have guest authors too just to spice it up a bit.

Yours in Business

Ruth Ginny