Keys to Starting a Handyman Business

Are you looking at starting your own handyman business? Not sure where to start or what to specialise in? Maybe you want to start a company that lists itself as an expert in drain cleaning services or maybe you’d rather delve into selling or repairing plastic water tanks? Regardless of the industry, starting your own handyman business is something to strongly consider. Owning your own business has its benefits like working when you want, choosing the specific jobs you prefer, choosing who you want to work for and with you, and being in complete control of the business. You don’t have to do all the work by yourself if you find it is too much you can always introduce new members into your working family or team to take on some of the work. This is a good idea if you need some time to focus on the business and generating more sales.

Here is how you can start your own handyman business:

Getting a Business License

First of all, you need to get a business license and get it registered within your area and surrounding locations in order to obtain a license in the area you plan on working. You can print the forms from home just by doing a simple search for getting a business license in your local area. Once you have got your business license, you then need to look at building a website. You only need to have a basic setup initially. This is so people can find your business, read all about it and contact you if they are interested in the services you offer or generally have a question.

Business Insurance

Having business insurance will protect your business and yourself if an emergency arises. When you are advertising your services always mention you are licensed and insured as this will create a safe and secure feeling for your potential clients or customers. Getting business insurance for your handyman business, which often involves hard and physical labor means that you are protected if any injuries occur.

Get a Business Truck

If you don’t already have a work vehicle, then that is the next thing to look at. You will need to purchase a truck to store and carry all of your tools and equipment. You don’t have to buy brand new but if you are looking at buying second hand be sure to have a professional check over the truck before buying to make sure it is up to your safety standards. Having a business vehicle is quite important as often when working in the handyman industry you will have to travel a significant distance for a job, so making sure you are comfortable as well as safe within the vehicle are of huge importance.


If you have a low budget for advertising, then something on any free advertising site is a good start. Social media is very powerful when it comes to advertising and is a great way to generate leads with little to no cost. Doing a letterbox campaign in your local area works well. People don’t often like the door to door salesman theory but putting a notice in neighbourhood letterboxes allows people to read them at their leisure and if they aren’t interested, now they can keep the leaflet for future use. Word of mouth is another great form of advertising as it is free of charge to you and can be done as easy as making a phone call, setting up a table at a local supermarket or just having a conversation with a neighbour. If you hear that a neighbour may have a problem with a blocked kitchen sink you should see this as an opportunity to not only get some business but to continue networking and communicating.

Purchase the Tool You Will Need

You can either buy all your tools at once or purchase one at a time as you need them. If you are low on starting funds, then look at buying the tools and equipment second hand. They will still have plenty of life left in them and this gives you the opportunity to start working until you have the funds to buy better and newer tools. When you get paid, if you have spare funds, then separate some in a savings account for things like taxes and replacement tools. If you have money left over at the end of the year, you can use the money to purchase the equipment you need or take a well-deserved break. To get your foot in the door, you can offer a discount for new customers which will get you customers and some feedback to get you started. An example of getting the right tools at the right time may be putting up with second hand tools for water tank installation but offering a free service if anything goes wrong.

Owning your own business has its hard work and will be a hard journey to set up, but once you are there, it will pay off immensely.