When Is The Right Time To Renovate Your Office Workspace?

Having the time on your hands to have your office workspace renovated is a luxury you don’t want to pass. Renovation doesn’t necessarily mean expansion, so if it’s not more space you require then what motivates somebody to renovate their office interiors? How do you evaluate whether it is the right time to renovate your office workspace?

Know Why You Have To Renovate.

First things first. Determine the ultimate reason why you are considering a renovation. May it be because of a booming business and need to accommodate more people in the office, or is it general wear and tear and it’s time to update more than just the office stools and work desks, or perhaps you are looking to adapt to something more sustainable. Whatever the reason it’s important to figure out exactly why you should do an office renovation. If you know why you’re doing the overhaul, you may be able to prioritize the primary changes that should be applied. This will help you ultimately set your budget and hire the right commercial fitout company in Melbourne for the job.

Factors To Consider When Planning A Renovation

The Ultimate Reason

Let your intention be the centre of the entire project. For example, if you aim to increase productivity, have it designed with helpful hues to ignite creativity and drive. Opt for large windows that provide lots of daylight and encourages alertness. All of these adjustments and additional décor should be done to serve the overall purpose of the renovation.

The Budget

Without money, nothing gets done. Remember that sometimes it’s worth investing in well-designed facilities and energy-efficient appliances as they contribute to minimal usage of energy. If the budget permits, go for anything solar-powered or sustainable. And invest in quality items where it makes the most difference, such as ergonomic desk chairs, satisfactory lighting and air conditioning systems.


Renovation generally requires time and effort. If you are continuing to work full time through the renovation, then renovating stress is the last thing you want to bombard yourself with on top of office work. So, it’s best to delegate and to hire a commercial office fitout professional to manage the project. Include in your budget paying a professional in the field. You think it’s another cost but considering their scope of keeping everything safe, assuring you of quality work, and providing you with discounted materials resources for the renovation. Not to mention, the follow up on how satisfied you are with the renovation as it’s important to them to keep up their reputation and their clients satisfied. With an interior designer or commercial fitout expert working for you in this regard, all that you have to worry about is when your opinion and preference is solicited.

In line with the factors for consideration mentioned above, there are further signs to look for that point to the right timing of a renovation.

Decreased Productivity

You analyse the data of your business’ potential, and you see that there’s something significant missing. There is no business growth or positive performance. There are no emerging ideas, there is a stale statistic in performance, and somehow, there are no more promising steps to take for innovation. It’s possibly because the office design is dull, the colours of the halls are boring, and there’s just no visual spark that can inspire your workers. Hues are too neutral that they rather stay in their comfort zone and do not think beyond their boundaries. There are many things you can try; Put a huge motivational text by a long hall, create a gallery of the past CEO’s to the present, create a breather by having an indoor landscape in the middle. Those are motivational design techniques that could breathe life to your workers. Make way for a source of inspiration, facilitate flow, and most of all, encourage expression through a suggested way of designing a mural, or theme for a gallery. This way, your employees would feel involved.

Obsolete Facilities

New smart technology has had water heaters, air-conditioning system, lighting, and many more designed to favour the environment. Old equipment tends to use up too much energy when being used. So updating it with solar-powered ones could help your business save a lot of money. While you think renovation could initially cost you a lot, think of the long-term benefits. Also a modern design could help your workers feel comfortable and aided. If architects have to deal with terrible printers for their plans, or if data of scientists have to be calculated by an obsolete computer, the amount of work they can efficiently generate becomes too far behind, whilst the logic of using world-class facilities to create world-class quality work.

Change In Branding

A great time to renovate is when your brand is about to embrace a new beginning, or if you are about to add new services and branch out into something beyond what you normally offered as a business. It gives you the chance to reintroduce your brand, and update your space to reflect that.

Employees will come and go, and facilities and utilities will reach their wear and tear threshold. It’s wise to allocate budget for future renovations to keep your business fresh and the workplace up and running. Renovation is something you can’t avoid, so when it comes, hopefully, our advice has helped you know when it is the right time to do so.