Most effective ways to communicate with clients

Back in the past the only way to communicate with people was picking up the phone or writing a handwritten letter. It is a lot different nowadays. We can communicate via e-mail, social media platforms and video chats. You need to consider that when you want to communicate with a client that there are different ways to communicate and not every way is right for a particular situation.
If you choose the wrong method of communication, then you could end up steering clients away. Navigate the different options that are available to communicate effectively with clients.


Emailing will allow you to communicate with clients in a time that suits both you and the client. While it is true some people don’t look past the first line in an e-mail it is important to include important details within the first sentence. Include something in the subject line to distinguish that email from all the spam that gets delivered to an inbox. Email is good when there is more than one person that needs to see the email. You can send the same email to multiple people, and there is always a folder that sent items to go to, so you can double check something if need be.


Using the phone is still a good means of communication. Sometimes emails, instant chats and social media platforms are the best way to make sure something doesn’t get interpreted in the wrong way or not fully understood. Talking on the phone helps to ensure the person has understood fully.
Using the phone when contacting a client shows you have gone to more trouble to call rather than quickly sending a text or chat message.


Newsletters are an old way of communicating but still work well. Some people prefer getting something in the paper they can actually hold in their hand rather than emails and chat platforms. The good thing with a newsletter in paper form is when you receive it you can put it on the fridge or special spot and refer easily and often.

Skype is good for communications, and they can be arranged weekly, monthly etc. whatever you need. Skype is a good way to communicate with those that are in different locations and gives you the chance to talk face to face via video which is as good as a face to face conversation. Nothing beats a face to face conversation, and Skype gives you the opportunity to do this from miles away.
Skype is great if you need to make a conference call and need to talk to many clients at the same time.
Google hangouts are similar to Skype works the same way with a free video chat or a messaging platform if you prefer.

Slack is a favourite for many. You can stay in touch with the clients on a daily basis when you are launching new campaigns or need to update the team on developments. There are no piles of emails hitting your inbox, and all your communications are kept in one spot where others can choose when to check them and reply when it suits them.


Work with your clients to find the best effective way to communicate with your clients. Find out what suits them best. An older adult most likely won’t communicate via social media platforms or skype so find what best suits there needs and choose to communicate with particulars clients in a way that makes them more comfortable.