Latest Bathroom Design Trends

One of the top five bathroom trends, black-framed shower screens inspired by classic black metal and Crittall windows, show no sign of losing popularity. They bring stylish elements to the bathroom and become a beautiful architectural feature that makes the bathroom look tailor-made.

We see a strong upswing in people who want to add a touch of nature to their bathroom by removing porcelain stoneware tiles, laminate and composite cabinets, raw wooden washbasins, stone sinks and basins, concrete tiles and accent walls. We are seeing an increase in the number of clients who are looking for a luxury deep bath, the ultimate bathroom relaxation with dramatic colours is a popular choice for bold statements in interior design.

Showers and bathtubs are central to the design of bathrooms and are available in a variety of styles. Cabinets, extendable showerheads, and faucets are available in various finishes so that you can add a bit of personality to any bathroom design.

Whatever your style is, whether you are looking for brass bathrooms, raw natural spaces, patterned tiles or planning to refresh your bathroom, we have it covered. What’s fun about bathroom trends is that you can combine them to create a look that makes you feel like you’re lighting the fire. Check out some bathroom pictures for different colours and styles. If a bathroom design inspires you, save it in an idea book and contact bathroom designers Perth to discuss the idea and look at different options to renovate your bathroom.

Inspired by the latest bathroom colour and design trends, whether you want to change up the main bathroom with a bold new colour choice or use an exciting new colour scheme or palette. We’ve found the best looks and designs for modern bathrooms, from updated contemporary bathroom ideas to chic marble styles and luxurious plush designs.

Monochromatic bathrooms with matte black crockery are currently the biggest trend, but if you feel brave, you can opt for another powder-coated white option that uses brass, gunmetal or grey. If you want a transitional bathroom look, stick to retro or modern pastels such as Rouge Cornflower or Light Olive to blend past and future to create a soothing and design-oriented feel. The primary bathroom has become essential for relaxing and escaping daily stress, so designers use multiple light sources such as mirrors, showers, and vanity units. For more information, please refer to bathroom renovations Perth to help you with the process.

Here are eight design trends that industry leaders see in the new year showing up in primary bathrooms, suites, powder rooms and bathroom accessories that you can create in your new work or home suite.

We do not advocate the return of gaudy, swan-shaped brass walls or wall-filling copper tiles, but some new bathroom trends such as modern and metallic finishes are worth targeting for your new bathroom design. Deep bathtubs and large showers are the top bathroom trends for 2021. There are endless possibilities with so many modern and contemporary shower and bath designs in 2021 to look forward to.

It not only creates an atmospheric feel, but a touch of matte black adds an extra-textual touch to any bathroom design. Natural stone with its characteristic sculptural feet, stores heat, which is energy efficient, and the soft curved design is a nod to one of the biggest bathroom trends of the new season.

Available in a wide range of looks ranging from black to gold to copper, they give the bathroom an industrial look and fit in well with the new trend of exposed shower taps. Wallcoverings and bathroom tiles are a popular choice for yellow bathroom decor so that you can try vases, paintings, and shower curtains to see how yellow you feel. Unique bathroom fixtures combine a simple look with tiles, so they should forefront your bathroom design.

The shower and bath area should be separated from the rest of the bathroom by glass walls. Large tiles can give your bathroom a luxurious feel, and you can combine them with stone to get a more natural look.

The bathroom design should include bright colours and unique patterns but remember that children trends outgrow and steer clear of fads. Don’t look for a complete renovation; small bathroom design ideas can be achieved by replacing some of your old accessories, changing the colour scheme and adding new linens and paint. There are many trends and guidelines, but you should implement the design style that makes you most comfortable in the bathroom at the end of the day.

You can take inspiration from nature when selecting materials. Old and weathered may seem counter-factual to the modern look, but some people want a bathroom design that is old but not weathered.

The stand-alone tubs trend is best suited to larger bathroom conversions, but certain structural changes may make it work for smaller bathrooms. By 2021, there will be a growing trend to integrate plants, not just stand-alone fittings, so add plants to your walls to create a green atmosphere in your bathroom walls with flora, natural materials and tiles, and stand-alone tub shapes will be more of a nature-based form.

Lighting can make a difference and is a key focus of bathroom trends in 2021. Approaching light from a design perspective can transform your bathroom and add a new level of style to a space that is already one of your personal spaces. The look and feel of classic marble are returning, and marble will be a feature of bathroom trends in 2021.